Choosing hair extension would be the best alternative to look special

Choosing hair extension would be the best alternative to look special

May 23,2016

If you wish to look special on a significant day of your life and you are worried because your hair IS not bouncy and voluminous enough then here is a chance for you to make the dream come true. Brazilian hair extensions are so popular these days. They are easily available in the market at affordable prices.

Availing the wholesale Brazilian hair extensions is not limited to the wealthy people only. The folks belonging to the middle income group also are using them.

Types of hair extensions in the market:

There are many types of hair extensions. You can choose the one which seems easy for you to attach to your hair. Some of the types are the following:

Hair extensions having clips:

The clip-in hair extensions are so simple to use. They can be fixed quickly to your hair. You just need to divide the hair into two sections and let loose the hair after clipping the extensions.

Hair extensions which are pre-taped:

These extensions are available in small sections. They have a glued strip attached on the top of the hair. You can fix these taped extensions to your hair roots easily. They can give your hair enough quick volume as well as lengthy shiny hair.

The additional feature of this type of extension is that you can re-tape it once the glue starts loosening its properties after 6-8 weeks.

Hair extension having micro rings:

This extension can be fixed by attaching a metal ring to it. It is fixed in your hair with the help of a small ring and fastened beneath the hair roots. If your hair grows, you can fix it again to your roots.

Sewn in hair extensions:

They are also known as weaves. When you braid your hair tightly in different rows along your scalp you can sew a weave with your braid. They can last for 6 months.

Hair extensions which are pre-bonded:

There is a bond attached to these extensions. The bond needs to be heated to melt the glue so that it is attached to your hair.