Some Things You Never Knew About Peruvian Hair

Some Things You Never Knew About Peruvian Hair

Jul 15,2016


The popularity of virgin hair is increasing day by day as many women across the globe are going for this natural extensions. Although it is expensive compared to those made of synthetic, it is still preferred because it tangles and shed less when worn. If you happen to wear this hair extension, you will also be retaining natural movement. It means that if you fix well the virgin hair together with your natural hair, it will be hard for anyone to realize that it is an original piece. Therefore, if you are planning for a hair extension that will not disappoint you, go for Peruvian hair as it is more desirable as compared to others.

Why go for this virgin hair extension?

The first reason as to why many women go for this hair is because of its softness. The hair is one of those weaves you can find on the market today that is light in weight. Because of its weight, you can wear as many as wishes for you to achieve a beautiful and voluminous look. You can wear up to five bundles of this kind of a hair extension but still feel no burden.

It is usually thick, and its texture is coarse as compared to its other counterparts like Brazilian and Indian hair. It comes in different qualities, both low, medium and high qualities. But whichever choice you choose, its extreme beauty and softness will make it easier for you to handle and maintain. You can buy wholesale Peruvian hair at online stores including Okayhair at affordable prices.

Who wears it?

Though this type of hair is a multi-purpose hair extension, it usually mixes well with African-American textures. It can also blend in well with medium textures of Caucasian hair. It is not that it cannot work perfectly with other textures, just choose a professional stylish and wait for the magic you will achieve with this hair extension.

Which types of hairstyles can you do with it?

You will get a lot of flexible options concerning the hairstyles with it because of its natural state. You are free to dye it, process it or even bleach it as you want and not worry about the damages that might incur. However, because of its softness, it is not the best choice for curly hairstyles as it cannot hold them for long as compared to other extensions. But if you are looking for simple hairstyles that require soft curls, then it is a perfect choice for you. The hair is also suitable for straight and fabulous sleek styles. If you happen to love short hair, this hair can be the best for you as you can opt for edgy short styles. You can manipulate the hair to have a natural and softer look.


If you are looking to have unnoticeable hair extension that is softer and natural, find the time and visit numerous online stores that offer wholesale Peruvian hair. Make sure that you buy this hair from a trusted supplier that sells natural hair. After buying it, make sure you take care of it so that it can serve you for an extended period.