The Best Straightening Treatment for Brazilian Hair

The Best Straightening Treatment for Brazilian Hair

Aug 01,2016

Are you feeling disappointed because of your curly, wavy, kinky or nappy hair? Well, your time to worry is over. With the latest fad and trend, which most celebrities use, you will be able to set a new standard of straight hair. Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment allows you to turn your curly hair, from its drag to a fabulous state. Considering the length of hair you have, you can have your wavy hair straight in less than 2 hours. 

The treatment has one significant advantage over other forms of treatment. It is more durable as compared to other therapies. Keratin treatment saves you time as you do not have to go to the salon every week. Once you have the treatment done to your hair, it will remain straight for up to 4 months. Therefore, you will not only be saving your time, but you will be saving your cash too. Forget about going for a $100 checkup and retreatment visits every month.

What is Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment?

Keratin treatment is an acute and vivid treatment that aims at softening, smoothening and most of all straightening your nappy hair. Brazilian Keratin is a natural substance as it contains almost 88% of your hair. Therefore, the treatment does not use any chemicals. It also does not close the hair cuticles as it tries to straighten your hair. The treatment works such that it creates a penetration in the hair as it attempts to repair the internal damage. It further continues to coat the hair preventing any future damages.

Its name keratin comes as a result of the type of protein it uses. The protein is high in both Sulphur and amino acid cysteine, and this is what makes it elastic, elusive and insoluble. The qualities of the keratin play a significant role when it comes to its structural development. Keratin is not only a protective substance in our hair, but it also does the same to our skin and nails.

When using this type of Brazilian hair straightening treatment, always have it in mind that it is not a permanent hair straightening solution, but it is a natural problem solver. Once, the product is exhausted in your hair; it will return to its initial state.

Is the treatment best for everyone?

Whether you have black Brazilian hair, the treatment is still best for you. It will work perfectly with all types of hair including virgin hair, colored hair, highlighted and previously straightened hair, kinky hair, curly hair, and even wavy hair.

Other advantages of the treatment

*      You can use the treatment to do any hair straightening

*      Since it is keratin based, it is a natural form of  straightening the hair

*      Works best with both colored and chemically treated hair

*      You only need four days after undergoing the treatment process to go into a pool or ocean.

What to note:

The treatment will only straighten the Brazilian virgin hair for only two months. It can stay in other types of hair for 3-4 months. However, pregnant and nursing women should not go through with the